Saturday, June 13, 2009

Illusione 68: A Great Way to End the Day!

Between work and getting ready for visitors, we have had a really busy week this week. My lovely wife and the boy spent the week cleaning and grocery shopping while I spent my week bidding construction projects and staring at blueprints. Needless to say we were excited for the weekend and our guests to arrive. Today we spent the morning resting and went for a swim after lunch. I grilled up some burgers and hot dogs for dinner, and the group decided to go to the beach for a quick walk. I decided that it would be a perfect time to enjoy a cigar. Since we moved here, one of my favorite things to do is to walk on the beach and smoke a cigar. I knew we probably would stay as long as we normally do so I opted for an Illusione ~68~. The ~68~ is a four inch bombone with a forty-four ring gauge, which makes it a perfect cigar when time may be an issue. I smoke a lot of bombones while I am driving from jobsite to jobsite. One thing about the Illusione ~68~ that I must point out is that, you should not underestimate this cigar because of the size. This cigar while smaller in size packs a punch. You notice the peppery taste immediately on the cold taste and throughout the course of the smoke. The ~68~ I was smoking had a flawless construction and the draw was very easy. The cigar maintained it's spiciness with moments of roasted nut characteristics. This cigar definitely sets the benchmark high on the taste scale, yet it was never overpowering to my palate. The ocean was beautiful and it made for the perfect venue to relax with a great cigar and get ready for a new week. I picked up my stick at my local Tinder Box for around six dollars. I feel that this is a must try cigar, as well as a staple in my humidor. If you would like to get more information about the Illusione ~68~ or the other cigars from Dion Giolito, here is a link to his website, Illusione Cigars.

Like his cigars, reading the story behind the names and cigars is also a must.

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BradinBuffalo said...

Nice post, man do I miss myrtle beach....

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