Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How the Journey Began

I really can’t explain the reason, but during our annual vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this year I decided that I was going to start smoking cigars. The extent of my cigar experience up to this point had been a few Swisher Sweets, so my cigar knowledge and palate were like new sponges ready to absorb everything. Where does one start a journey like this, Tinder Box? Tinder Box, a cigar store at Broadway at the Beach, seemed like a pretty good place to begin. I walked in and headed straight for the walk in humidor. I took a long look around and did what any new cigar smoker should do. I walk back out and politely ask the clerk for help. This alone is quite a feat for me I like to shop alone, no assistance needed for me, because usually I know exactly what I want. I have to admit that a smoke shop’s humidor can be intimidating. Fortunately, in this shop and others I have been to the staff seem to always be very customer orientated. I followed my new found tour guide back into the humidor and he began to explain the layout to me. He suggested that I try the Macanudo Hampton Court, so I scooped up a couple. He then outfitted me with a butane torch lighter and a double guillotine cutter. He then demonstrated the proper way to cut my new smokes. A quick tutorial on how to light as well as how to smoke the stick rounded out my first adventure in the tobacco shop. Now all that was left was to head back to the hotel, light the cigar and enjoy the sound of the surf. I could not have picked a better setting or cigar for the moment.

What was your first cigar moment?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Boy & John B

John Blue Barnett & Daddy (John Barnett)

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Black Friday & Blue vs Orange Saturday

Black Friday

Well when we left off I was going out to fire up that Montecristo, well to be quite honest, I stepped out on the back porch to be greeted by a very cold night. So I wimped out. But all was not lost. I just didn't want to rush my first tasting of Montecristo cigars. So I guess that doesn't make me such a wimp. Friday, Black Friday, came all too soon for my taste with the alarm going off at six A.M. My better half was off to Russell Springs for a big sale at a children's store, so the boy and I decided we should get up and going also. A day of rest, no shopping, just cartoons and chocolate milk. He lasted to lunch and was out for an afternoon nap. Wife is out shopping and the boy asleep, time for that cigar. I hit the humidor, decisions decisions too much like work. I finally settle on the Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva. I head to the garage, not the elegant cigar bar, however beats the back porch. At least in the garage I am shelter from the wind. I have to say this was a very full bodied smoke. Very well balanced and quite enjoyable. The earthy flavors were new to me, up to this point I have been hanging with Macanudos, so it was cool to mix it up. The garage has smelled great ever since. I have to say that it will be back in the humidor very soon.

Blue vs Orange Saturday

As long as I can remember Kentucky Sports has always been about basketball. I, like most of Kentucky, have fell in love with Wildcat Football, and today U.T. is in town. I have to say that I was hoping that the Cats could put an end to the Vols winning streak, but after the best college football game I have ever watched or heard about, the streak is intact. We lost a heart breaker. However we are Bowl bound and will make that New Year's Day smoke pretty cool. I need to start thinking about the menu.

The last two days have left me with a couple of questions for you guys.

Where do you go to enjoy that perfect smoke?
What is the ideal Bowl Game Day Smoke?

I would love to hear your thoughts

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

The aroma of turkey and dressing fills the air. Our family is all gathered at my wife's parent's house. Everyone is smiling and laughing. Okay that might be the bourbon talking. In the kitchen my lovely wife and mother-in-law are barking orders like two dueling marine drill sergeants, hell bent on putting this family orientated dinner together. Myself, I am huddled in the bunker (the living room) with my son and Father-in-Law hoping we are not discovered by the enemy. The war draws to a cease fire and we eat. After the smoke of dinner dies down we all look around the room and truly understand what we are thankful for. Each other. Despite our differing opinions, ideas and quirks, each other. Particularly after we spend an hour or so dissecting everyone's (not in the inner circle) faults and problems. A friend of mine is going through a divorce, three kids, the youngest is the same age as my son. I haven't talked to him about it yet, but I plan to. What do you say. The kids play and ignore the adults. We all have an idea of what we are thankful for house, food, each other, but I think its more than that. I am thankful that it is not me. I guess what I mean I am thankful for the problems I have and do not wish for those of others. I am truly blessed that I have the love of a great woman and that I don't have to try to explain anything more complex than why the sun has set to my son. Well the boy is asleep, all is quiet around the house, a little cold outside, but I think I can stand it. I have a Montecristo that is just calling my name. I will have to report back what I thought about it. Happy Thanksgiving.

John B

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I have to say that when I decided to take a vacation day today, starting a blog was not on my to do list. However here we are and the words are flowing so why not? I am really not sure where this will go, but I can't help but think there are other cigar smokers out here in cyberspace whose wives are tired of hearing about our cigar passions. So why not have a place to go and discuss with others the fine art of cigar smoking. Okay I am done with the aficionado talk, the truth is I am just starting my cigar journey. I hope that other beginners as well as experienced cigar gurus will find this blog and join in. The atmosphere will always be smokey and above all friendly. As my journey progress I will try to share any helpful tips, website links, and any other information that may enhance the cigar experience. Hopefully we all can pool our resource and have a great time. Hope to see you soon. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I think I am going to cut, light, and enjoy!

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