Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I have to say that when I decided to take a vacation day today, starting a blog was not on my to do list. However here we are and the words are flowing so why not? I am really not sure where this will go, but I can't help but think there are other cigar smokers out here in cyberspace whose wives are tired of hearing about our cigar passions. So why not have a place to go and discuss with others the fine art of cigar smoking. Okay I am done with the aficionado talk, the truth is I am just starting my cigar journey. I hope that other beginners as well as experienced cigar gurus will find this blog and join in. The atmosphere will always be smokey and above all friendly. As my journey progress I will try to share any helpful tips, website links, and any other information that may enhance the cigar experience. Hopefully we all can pool our resource and have a great time. Hope to see you soon. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I think I am going to cut, light, and enjoy!

2 Comentários:

Laura said...

I think your wife is great to listen to you even if she is bored.Good luck and I will check back in!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Look forward to hearing more.

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