Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How the Journey Began

I really can’t explain the reason, but during our annual vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this year I decided that I was going to start smoking cigars. The extent of my cigar experience up to this point had been a few Swisher Sweets, so my cigar knowledge and palate were like new sponges ready to absorb everything. Where does one start a journey like this, Tinder Box? Tinder Box, a cigar store at Broadway at the Beach, seemed like a pretty good place to begin. I walked in and headed straight for the walk in humidor. I took a long look around and did what any new cigar smoker should do. I walk back out and politely ask the clerk for help. This alone is quite a feat for me I like to shop alone, no assistance needed for me, because usually I know exactly what I want. I have to admit that a smoke shop’s humidor can be intimidating. Fortunately, in this shop and others I have been to the staff seem to always be very customer orientated. I followed my new found tour guide back into the humidor and he began to explain the layout to me. He suggested that I try the Macanudo Hampton Court, so I scooped up a couple. He then outfitted me with a butane torch lighter and a double guillotine cutter. He then demonstrated the proper way to cut my new smokes. A quick tutorial on how to light as well as how to smoke the stick rounded out my first adventure in the tobacco shop. Now all that was left was to head back to the hotel, light the cigar and enjoy the sound of the surf. I could not have picked a better setting or cigar for the moment.

What was your first cigar moment?

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The Crew @ Leaf and Ale said...

Hey, John,
Interesting that you mentioned Myrtle Beach. That is our family's annual vacation spot. We go in mid-Sept. after school has started. My boy is only 4, so he isn't in school yet, so it's a great time to go. I have checked out all the cigar stores from North Myrtle (I am not much a fan of Nicks) all the way down to a little shop in Pauley's Island (and the name doesn't come to mind right now). I have also stopped by the Tinder Box stores at Broadway at the Beach and the one at Barefoot Landing. There is also a cool little store on the way from Myrtle to North Myrtle that sells their own custom rolled cigars. I guess they have them rolled in NY and shipped down south. Anyway... just wanted to give a shout out to a fellow Myrtle Beach fan. Happy smoking...

The Crew @ Leaf and Ale said...

One more thing... you might want to keep your flavored and non flavored cigars in seperate humidors. Cigars are like baking soda in the refrigerator. They soak up other odors around them. You don't want your Mac's (or Regalo's) to taste like Makers Mark. Over time, that is what will happen. You can get a nice freezer ziplock with a Humidi Pak or water pillow that can be recharged with distilled water for humidification and keep the flavored cigars seperate from the others. OK... I'll leave you alone now.

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