Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

The aroma of turkey and dressing fills the air. Our family is all gathered at my wife's parent's house. Everyone is smiling and laughing. Okay that might be the bourbon talking. In the kitchen my lovely wife and mother-in-law are barking orders like two dueling marine drill sergeants, hell bent on putting this family orientated dinner together. Myself, I am huddled in the bunker (the living room) with my son and Father-in-Law hoping we are not discovered by the enemy. The war draws to a cease fire and we eat. After the smoke of dinner dies down we all look around the room and truly understand what we are thankful for. Each other. Despite our differing opinions, ideas and quirks, each other. Particularly after we spend an hour or so dissecting everyone's (not in the inner circle) faults and problems. A friend of mine is going through a divorce, three kids, the youngest is the same age as my son. I haven't talked to him about it yet, but I plan to. What do you say. The kids play and ignore the adults. We all have an idea of what we are thankful for house, food, each other, but I think its more than that. I am thankful that it is not me. I guess what I mean I am thankful for the problems I have and do not wish for those of others. I am truly blessed that I have the love of a great woman and that I don't have to try to explain anything more complex than why the sun has set to my son. Well the boy is asleep, all is quiet around the house, a little cold outside, but I think I can stand it. I have a Montecristo that is just calling my name. I will have to report back what I thought about it. Happy Thanksgiving.

John B

2 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

Was it good...the cigar?

The One and Only Bee said...

You are extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful wife. And what can I say about your awesome son?!

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