Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oliva Serie O Habano

When I first began smoking and enjoying cigars, the Oliva Serie G was one of the first cigars that I found myself purchasing on a regular basis. There is always an Oliva cigar in my humidor. Anytime that I not sure what I want to smoke I find myself lighting up a cigar from Oliva. So you can imagine my delight when the box of smokes arrived from Cigars Direct, full of five of Oliva's best selling cigars. The box contained Cigars Direct's June Cigar of the Month Club selections. The Oliva Master's Blend III Maduro, Oliva Serie O Maduro, Oliva Connecticut Reserve, Oliva Serie G Cameroon, and an Oliva Serie O Habano made up the month's line up. As you can see from the list, an Oliva fan's dream come true. I decided that the Serie O Habano would be a nice place to start enoying Oliva's best sellers.

The Serie O Habano was beautifully constructed and the quality was excellent, a fact that I have became accustomed to concerning anything I get from Cigars Direct. I checked the draw of my smoke and it was dead on and the cold taste presented my palette with a hint of sweetness. Immediately upon lighting the cigar, you can't help but notice just how aromatic the smoke is, and after just a few draws, the sweet notes that were present in the pre light are much stronger. The taste of chocolate or cocoa remains throughout this cigar with a hint of coffee appearing along the way. I did feel that the bitterness of the coffee flavor became more apparent on the finish of the cigar. Both the sweet and bitter tastes really worked well together, giving this medium body cigar a nice balance. The cigar never really over powered my taste, yet had enough complexity to keep it interesting. The Oliva Serie O Habano will definitely be a staple in my humidor.

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3 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

love the new look

Ralph said...

I am going to try that Cigar club.Thnkz.

Jason Murray said...

This cigar is very handsome. Nice cap, and nice wrapper, not too many veins. Firm to the touch with some "spring" when pressure applied. Foot smells sweet (not sure maybe hazelnut/vanilla)

It was in 68% RH,and I dry boxed it for 2 days. After cutting, pre-light draw was smooth, and flavor was light, almost like hay.

1st third-starts very light with flavors of hay. Good amounts of bluish smoke.
2nd third-flavor picked up a bit, some spice coming through at times. No burn/draw issues.
3rd third-some sweetness coming through, but on and off. Towards the end of this third, I started picking up some bittersweet chocolate.

Overall-this was a decent smoke, at the second third, I was expecting the flavor to "kick in." But it never fully developed.

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