Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Update: Good News About My Sister

I want to first say that I apologize for the abscence of activity here at the blog. This fact should change in the next couple of days, due to things around here kind of settling down. I should be back on schedule and believe me I have a lot of things to discuss.

I wanted to give a quick update about my sister, she did get to come home as I had metioned in the last post, but she did not get to stay there very long. She went back in last Monday and has since then underwent a surgery to repair two tears in her colon. The good news is she came through the operation fine and is recovering very well. The other good news is that the doctors have finally pin pointed her overall problem, Crohn's Disease. They think this has been the case for awhile and unfortunatly it was never detected. Now that they have an idea of what is wrong they have been instructing my sister on how to deal with it.

My nephew is already carrying on the family tradition of eating and sleeping. He is doing great and I am sure, ready for mommy to be back at home. I want to thank everbody who has prayed for my sister and nephew, we all greatly appreciate it.

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Daniel said...

That's good news, indeed. Tell her to keep up the recovery, we'll keep up the praying!

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