Friday, February 8, 2008

Thirty Days: She is Finally Home

What seems to have been a long and drawn out nightmare of a dream is finally coming to an end. My sister returned home from the hospital today. I spoke with her just after she got home and see sounded like she felt better, and was relieved to be home. My nephew of course was the true reason she was glad to finally get out of the hospital. I reminded her that she needs to take things slow and utilize the people around her for a little while, and that things would eventually get back to normal. I can't remember what my life was like before our boy came along, and soon my sister's memories of this experience will dull with time. I have to say that this was welcomed news on a beautiful winter Friday. With that being said and the sunshine shinning, I think I will head out and have a quick smoke.

3 Comentários:

bricklayer said...

good to hear about your sister

smokingbob said...

don't leave us hanging

John B. said...

Hey Bob,
I have been meaning to get a post up the last few days but it has been wild. I just put one and I should be back on regular schedule. I really appreciate all the support. Thanks

John B

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