Saturday, January 26, 2008

John B's January: Wow What A Ride So Far

This month has really shaped up to being quite the undertaking. This kind of explains my delay in posting anything this week. I think my family has decided to pack all the year’s health issues, job changes, and any other dramatic situation into the first month of this New Year. However my motto stands firm, adversity builds character, so here is the bad as well as the good for this month.

The month began with my wife changing realty companies. This brought about our first set of new changes. Our schedules shifted to compensate for the extra work that is involved with joining a new company. We all pitched in and the days began to return to routine, until my job became the next hurdle.

Before the new of the lovely wife’s change could wear off, I too switched companies. I returned to the company I had started with in the lumber industry. I had always figured I would end up back there but did not plan on changing this month. I have to say that it was an odd feeling at first, but I soon found that old familiar comfort zone. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that my younger sister had a baby in the middle of all this.

Yes I am an uncle, a very proud uncle, but my sister has been in the hospital ever since the delivery. She gave birth on the same day I left my old job and has been faced with numerous problems. The baby is at home and doing very well and at the present time she is doing somewhat better. My parents have been in Pennsylvania with my sister for most of the month, so we have been keeping an eye on the home front while they are away. Her situation has made things tense and worrisome, and we will be glad when everyone gets to go home.
I did manage to find the time between alarm clocks and bedtimes to sit down the other night and enjoy a smoke. I could not believe it when I reflected back on the short year so far. I am a Cancer and very reluctant to change any routine, but so far nothing has been routine. I have a great new addition to our family, both my wife and I are happy with our new working adventures and The Boy, well he is always happy. I guess if it doesn’t kill you, it really does make you enjoy that cigar more when you get to smoke it.

4 Comentários:

bricklayer said...

hope your sister gets better

Just buzzing by said...

You forgot to mention the help of your new nanny...

smokingbob said...

wow talk about a new year

bricklayer said...

man I heard about what is going on with you.hope it works out.

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