Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Perdomo Reserve Cameroon Robusto: A Nice Way To Spend The Afternoon

The weather here in Kentucky this winter has proven to be a mystery. The temperature swings are a welcomed event to us cigar smokers, especially those of us who call the back porch our primary smoking haven. The last three days the sun has been shining and the weather was perfect for getting outside. Today, I found myself with some time to kill and I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warmth outside with a cigar. What to smoke, I pondered that question for sometime, finally settling on a Perdomo Reserve Cameroon Robusto. I came by this smoke through a robusto sampler I purchased from Famous Smoke Shop. I was immediately impressed by the construction of the cigar. The band, the wrapper, along with the feel already had me racing for the back door. The size of this Perdomo checked in at 5 inches by 54 ring gauge, just the right size for a quick afternoon smoke.

My first thoughts on the Perdomo were on target with what I had expected, a hint of spiciness. You should not be fooled by the robusto, they are quite capable of delivering a lot of taste, despite their size. This cigar was no exception. I also decided that now would be a great time to compile my shopping list for my upcoming trip to Louisville this weekend. The lovely wife and I are going up to catch Rodney Carrington Friday night, and while we are there, we plan to visit a smoke shop or two. Armed with the December issue of Cigar Aficionado, I thought I would look over their current ratings to maybe get an idea for a couple selections. The boy quickly took interest in the cigar pictures so we had to talk about all of them. I admit that this was probably the best cigar conversation I have had with anyone thus far. The Perdomo was in full swing by the time my son’s focus had shifted back to what his dog was up to. The cigar is a full body smoke, with a rich coffee and a sweet taste.

I finished my research for my list and my smoke was winding down as well. The finish of the Perdomo was a nice balance of coffee and spice. The subtle sweetness throughout the smoke tied the flavors together perfectly. The cigar was full but not over powering to the palate. I would recommend this cigar as must try, even to those who prefer a milder cigar. It provided me with a nice change of pace and a perfect way to spend an hour on a warm winter’s day.

Stay tuned for my Louisville Trip Details.

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