Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New Year

As a parent you learn to take advantage of opportunity when it knocks. My opportunity came in the form of the grandparents who wanted to spoil the boy rotten this weekend. With the boy being off to the land of fun and the wife relaxing with her newspaper, I decided that tonight would be a good time to smoke a cigar and have a drink. After the week I had, I felt that both were well deserved.

I headed over to the humidor to select my smoke for the evening, quickly settling on one the Cohiba Coronas that Santa had left for me under the tree. My focus was now centered on what drink to pair with my cigar. I have to admit that I am a beer man, and lately I have been enjoying my smokes with a Land Shark Lager made by Margaritaville Brewing Company. The maduros I smoked had matched up quite nicely with the beer. However, tonight I felt the best choice for my cigar and perhaps my mood would be bourbon and coke. I poured myself a Maker’s Mark and Coke in one of my new monogrammed bourbon glasses, the lovely wife gave me for Christmas. The temperature outside was warm enough to open the door in the cigar lounge (my garage) so I settled in to unwind. The Cohiba and the bourbon coupled with the rain soon had me thinking about the beach. The sound of the rain on the pavement soon had the smell of salt in the air. The tastes of the cigar and the bourbon complimented each other perfectly, affirming that I had made the proper selection. With each draw and sip I could feel my anxiety slowly disappearing. Laura joined me in the lounge and we were engaged again in the conversation that had dominated my week. Change, a fitting topic for the start of any new year, this year had already started with change being a large part of the game plan. Until now, our conversation had a stress filled overtones, but now a sense of excitement was in the air.

The Cohiba and Maker’s combination were so smooth that both were over rather quickly. Just like the last year.

Tonight Glassware was supplied by The Pink Bee.

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Pink Bee Sue said...

John, how much is The Pink Bee paying you for their advertising?

Anonymous said...

hey can you post a picture of that glass ware

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