Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cigars and Zippos

I wrote in an earlier post about using a Zippo lighter to light the occasional cigar. I had read this Question and Answer a while back and I felt that the guys at Cigar Aficionado gave a great explanation of what to use to light your cigar and how to use that trusty Zippo when you light up.

Cigar Aficionado Special Feature: "Q. Can I use my Zippo lighter to light a cigar?

A. It's probably not your best option. We suggest using wooden matches or, better yet, strips of cedar called spills. These will light your cigar without imparting to it the taste or odor of the oil found in lighter fluid. If you wish to use a lighter for your cigars, we recommend one that uses butane as its fuel, as these types of lighters are odorless. However, some smokers insist on using their old Zippo lighters, which may have sentimental value. If you're one of these people, just make sure that when lighting your cigar, the flame of the Zippo does not touch the cigar's foot. Once the cigar is lit, you may also choose to give the cigar one \(and only one\) outward puff, to clear it of any impurities caused by the lighter fluid."

If you are a Zippo fan and are looking for a way to incorparate the Zippo into your cigar smoking arsenal, the folks at Zippo have a product that fills the need, The Zippo Blu. This Zippo is a butane gas model that will light cigars without the odor or taste from the lighter's fluid. If you are intrested in the lighter, here's the link, Zippo Blu.

3 Comentários:

bricklayer said...

I have several zippo lighters from my dad and grandfather, I enjoyed this.

John B. said...

If you are like me, I wish I could have mine back in working order, but I just can't take the risk of losing them. Maybe on my next field trip to Penn. I will just drop them off, ha.

Anonymous said...

If you want to use your Zippo and don't want the fuel taste, then don't use the fuel. :-)

In place of lighter fluid you can use Cognac. (I mix mine with a little everclear to burn hotter). This is the best way to light a cigar. You get Cognac flavor all through the cigar as you lite. Leaves a nice warm taste.

I'll never smoke a cigar without my Zippo!

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