Monday, December 31, 2007

Zippo Windproof Pocket Lighters: A Lighter for a Lifetime

Zippo, I think it is safe to say that most everybody knows that it’s a lighter. I would venture, that not many know about their guarantee of repair service forever. Oh, did I mention that they do not charge for this perk. How remarkable in today’s disposable culture, a company is willing to stand behind its product at no cost and regardless of the circumstance!

I was in my garage a couple of weeks ago, when I found two old Zippo lighters. Both of these lighters were heavily used and neither of them would light. The hinges on the lids and their finishes were worn. These two lighters had definitely lit a lot of cigarettes and the occasional cigar. I decided to retire them with the few Case knives occupying my dresser drawer. I felt that here was the proper resting place for such faithful servants. I had forgotten about my lighters, until last night, when my lovely wife asked, if I knew that Zippo would fix my lighters for free. I grabbed my computer and surfed over to the Zippo website.

I got to Zippo's website, prepared to look high and low, for this fine print guarantee, and was shocked to see repairs right there on the top of the screen. The fine folks at Zippo have made it very easy to locate all the information necessary to get your lighter repaired. There is a frequently asked question page, which covers repairs and Zippo products. The Repair Clinic page describes the repair facility and provides contact information for the center. They also give us an opportunity to read the guarantee at the Zippo Guarantee link. The most important link to read carefully, is the How to send your Zippo Windproof lighter in for repair page. Here is where you find the step by step instruction you need to follow if you want to send a lighter in for repair. There is also repair information for those who live across the pond, at the European Repair Instruction link. I have to say that I am very impressed with Zippo’s commitment to satisfaction. This is truly a unique feature of this company.

Well, as far as my two Zippo lighters go, I think I am going to keep them right where they are at. I would love nothing more to have both of them restored to good working condition, lighting an occasional cigar, but I just don’t want to risk losing them. The reason for my reluctance is the lighters belonged to my grandfather; he carried one of the two with him at all times. He lit many Lucky Strikes and the occasional cigar with those lighters, and I like them just as they are. However, when I buy a new Zippo, I will do so with the confidence that my grandson, if he wants, can have my Zippo restored.

If you have a Zippo Windproof Lighter and you want to have it repaired, here is the link.

Zippo Manufacturing Company

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littylabomba said...

Sure was disappointed not to find smoke filled observations concerning the iowa caucus. Just knew you would smoke an awesome cigar and watch the results and impart your words of wisdom with those of us less politically minded.

smokingbob said...

this is pretty interesting,I had no idea

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