Friday, December 21, 2007

My Last Vacation Day: Shopping and Smoking

Well today is Friday, three days until Christmas and my last vacation day of 2007. My plan for the day was a simple one, pick up the lovely wife's gifts, purchase her stocking stuffers and return to headquarters. My partner for the day was the boy. Our destination was the center of the universe, The Pink Bee.

With our plan in place we set off on our mission. We had to take a slight detour and do some work at first, but we soon were back on track headed for the Bee. We arrived and found that our girls had all our purchases wrapped and ready to go. Brittany, assisted with our last minute additions and our shopping was complete. We loaded up and stated back to the house. We arrived ahead of mom, so we went ahead and put her presents under the tree. Mission complete.

I looked around the living room and decided that the boy and I needed to have a quick meeting. The way I saw it, we could score some major brownie points by cleaning the house before mom got home or we could take advantage of the nice weather outside and have a cigar and blow some bubbles. The debate that ensued would rival any in the history of debate. The decision was a cigar and bubbles. I know, the boy is such a bad influence on me, but majority rules and I think he voted three times.

I opted for a Padron 2000 Maduro and the boy decided that the vintage yellow bottle of bubbles he had been aging in the garage all summer would be the best for such an occasion. I never second guess him, he knows his bubbles. We both settled in, the boy in the driveway and I sat in the garage. I had been looking forward to trying the Padron since I had bought them a couple of weeks ago. The cigar looked perfect and I could only imagine the taste would be the same. I took the fist draw and my suspicions were confirmed. The draw was perfect, the taste was great. The boy continued to blow bubbles and I puffed on my cigar. We both enjoyed our relaxing time in the unbelievable December weather. I sat there with my notebook jotting down a few notes on the Padron and having the occasional Daddy moment; watching as my son did something his mother would kill me for letting him do. We sat there in the garage talking to the mailman and a few neighbors as the passed by. Everyone seemed to be in that unmistakable spirit of the holidays. When I usually think of Christmas, like most people I imagine snow and cold weather, but I will settle for the warm weather and a good smoke. I couldn't not have found a better way to use my last vacation day of 2007. A great day to sit back and relax with my number one buddy and a fine cigar. I better post this quickly and straighten up a bit. A few brownie points never hurt a cigar or bubble connoisseur.

The Padron 2000 Maduro review in its entirety will be posted soon

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