Sunday, December 16, 2007

Record Weather, A Regalo Cigar

The weather Monday night was a record breaker for December, so I decided that such an occasion called for a celebration. My celebration came in the form of a smoke out on the back porch. The cigar I selected for my celebration was one of the Regalos I had picked up on my stop at Leaf & Ale. The Regalo, is a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos, wrapped in a Nicaraguan Viso Leaf. This cigar is manufactured especially for the folks at Leaf & Ale, so it is available only at their shop. Don't worry they have a website and I'm sure that if want to try a box, they will ship them right out to you. I was impressed by the overall construction and appearance of the cigar. The wrapper was consistent and the cigar appeared to be rolled perfectly. I am a big fan of the color blue, so I really liked the blue on the band.

I cut my cigar and headed out to the back porch. The first thing I noticed on the cold taste was the spicy taste the Regalo had. I was curious how this cigar would match up to my normal milder variety of smokes, so far so good. I lit my cigar and took the first draw. It was a nice even drawing cigar, and that peppery taste was there. I have to say that I found that to be a nice aspect of this cigar. The spiciness stayed throughout the length of the smoke, building as it progressed, but it never became to overpowering for my taste. I really enjoyed this characteristic of the cigar. The cigars I smoke on a more regular basis are more subtle and stay consistent during the cigar, this cigar gives you an opportunity to follow the taste as it builds. This is the type of cigar you could sit down with friends and discuss the taste from start to finish.
My overall impression of the Reglo is that it has all the hallmarks of a fine cigar. The appearance, construction, aroma, and burn rate... all certainly top shelf. The taste, in my opinion, is one the full bodied lover or the mild crowd can enjoy. This smoke could be a regular everyday stogie or that special occasion treat, whatever that occasion might be.

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