Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Tips For Buying Cigars

I am always trying a new cigar, in an attempt to development my must have favorites and expand my tastes. When I first started purchasing my smokes I would wander through the humidors looking at the different brands. I quickly found, that I would grab a couple cigars I had already sampled and only buy one of what I was going to try. This worked but I quickly realized, that when I smoked my one new selection and liked it I was out. Like in the retail business you can't sell from an empty cart, you can't smoke from an empty humidor. With the retail thought process in mind, I have amended my buying practices, I always buy at least two of whatever I am going to try. One to show and on to go, or if you like one to smoke and one to save. I find that this allows me to smoke my cigar knowing that if I like it, I have a second one in the box waiting to be called up for duty. I try to do this with anything I plan to write about. This allows me to smoke a second cigar if something wasn't clear about the first and to ensure that the smoke is consistent between sticks. This is particularly handy if you do not have that local smoke shop and resupply could be road trip away. I also look for sample packs that offer two of each cigar in them. They are a great way to try different brands and use the one to smoke and one to save method. When you find that one cigar that makes the favorite list go ahead and buy a box.

I also determined that my mind is powerless inside a walk in humidor, the power of choice is an overwhelming thing. I read a lot of cigar reviews, catalogs, websites, and blogs to gather information on cigars I smoke and especially the one I would like to smoke. Armed with all my info I would enter the humidor only to find myself unable to make my selections. I know that next line does go against man code, but I do suggest to make a list. If you don't have to use it great, but at least having a list helps to ensure that you grab the ones came after. I love to walk the humidor and enjoy the aroma of cedar and cigars, so a list for me is a must or I would never be able to leave.

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