Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe Louisville Ky: Fine Cigars And Great Conversation

While in Louisville this weekend the lovely wife and I decided to stop at Oxmoor Mall for some shopping. Laura headed over to a cosmetics super store, and I set my sites on the Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe. I had read about this store on the internet and was very interested in checking it out.

Immediately when I walked in the door the unmistakable “great smoke shop” atmosphere hit me. The aroma of cedar and cigars filled the air. I took a quick look around the shop and was impressed with the large selection of humidors, lighters and cutters. Next, I made my way into the walk in humidor to pick out my cigars. The humidor was very well stocked. They had Montecristos, Rocky Patels, and Camachos along with quite a few other premium cigars to choose from. I personally wanted to buy them all but I settled on few Padrons and a Romeo Y Juliet Reserve. I thought that the prices on their cigars were excellent.

Reluctantly, I left the humidor, but soon found myself back at the accessories counter. I had been eyeing a Xikar cutter, and a nice green one had hit my radar. I looked at few different models of Xikars , but the green one was the choice. I already have a couple of cutters, but the spring action of the Xikar when you open it, is just too cool. Again I was well pleased with their prices, everything was very comparable. While at the counter I couldn’t help but notice the large selection of pipes and pipe tobacco. These folks are definitely equipped to handle any tobacco coinsurer’s needs.

The one thing that I can’t stress enough about Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe is the fantastic customer service. These guys were awesome. I hung around for a good while and spoke to the manager Jason Shepard. We talked mainly about the recent smoking ban that was just re-passed in Louisville on Friday and its impact on businesses and people who smoke. I have yet to write an article on smoking bans, but I will in the near future. Before I left, Jason suggested the Camacho El Legend Ario Natural and I am looking forward to giving it a try. This is one of the reasons I prefer the local tobacco shops, it is nice to have that kind of input on cigar selection. So I would say that the selection and prices were great, but the experience and conversation was priceless.

I asked Jason about a website / website sales and he told me that the site is being developed but until then, Oxmoor does offer mail order sales. I will put the contact info up and I highly recommend giving the guys at Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe a call. However if you are going to be in the Louisville area stop by and see these guys. You will be glad you did!

J. Paul Tucker
Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe
Oxmoor Center
Louisville, Ky 40222

Phone: (502) 426-4706

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Adonis said...

Got my favorite CAO Gold cigars from Tinder Box.

Anonymous said...

Hi John B! Having happened upon it by chance, this is my first visit to your blog and HAD to cmment on your experience at the Oxmoor Smoke Shop. I agreed with everything right up until you commented on the great customer service. At first I thought you might have smoked a little more than a cigar but then reached the point where you had been talking with Jason Shepard and that explained it all. You have to know this; within Louisville's cigar community the owner of the Oxmoor Smoke shop is known as an arrogant piece of work and his prices are the most expensive in town. The one guy there that made it worth going to was Jason Shepard and he left to open his own shop called "J. Shepards" on Bardstown Road. Hands down the greatest cigar shop I've been to. You have to check it. Multiply your experience at the Oxmoor Smoke Shop by 10, you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Recently in Louisville for Derby and I stopped by Oxmoor mall and stopped by the Oxmoor smoke shop. I have to agree with reviews I have read. The owner is a dick, I asked him a question and he gave me a smartass answer at which I dropped my cigars I was going to buy and left.

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